Focus of activities on SME consultancy

As well as the comprehensive support for small and medium sized clients (such as current accounting /payroll, preparation of tax returns and annual accounts / net income statements, current and special business management advice) as well as for their proprietors/partners we focus our activities on:

  • Tax structuring advice (development of concepts/modifications in relation to the current situation)
  • Tax planning and structuring of succession, gifting (anticipated succession) and corporate succession
  • Tax structuring for company transformations
  • Company valuations
  • Advice for setting up new businesses

The services we offer include:

Tax advice

  • Accounting including payroll and business management evaluations
  • Preparation of net income statements
  • Preparation of annual accounts under consideration of structuring options for balance sheets
  • Support in the disclosure of annual accounts in cases governed by statutory standards
  • Preparation of all current and special tax returns
  • Tax advice including participation in tax audits, external audits of payroll and special audits
  • Representation in and out of court in tax matters
  • Tax structuring before tax decisions.

Business management advice

  • Advice for setting up new businesses including business planning
  • Support in the choice of legal form
  • Preparation and assistance with interviews with banks
  • Assessment and evaluation of contracts from a tax point of view
  • Corporate succession and private succession advice
  • Company valuations and budgeting
  • Transformations and restructuring
  • Cost/benefit calculations
  • Compliance audits pursuant to section 16 of the German Estate Agent and Commercial Contractors Regulation (MaBV)
  • Capital reorganisation concepts and insolvency advice in times of crisis.